56 Dark Tranquillity Review

El otro día escribí una reseña del concierto de Dark Tranquillity para el City Weekly, siendo mi primer trabajo periodístico en Estados Unidos y como me hace ilusión pues os lo pongo aquí. Para acordarme y para los que queráis practicar inglés o saber lo que pasó en el concierto.



Four years have passed since Dark Tranquillity visited Utah, and in 2010 they were the opening act in a Killswitch Engage show featuring The Devil Wears Prada that took place at The Great Saltair. Last Saturday the Swedish band triumphantly returned as headliners with support from Finland’s Omnium Gatherum and California’s Exmortus to play In The Venue.

Local band Turned To Stone was in charge of warming the audience up. Their enthusiasm was contagious and they managed to engage the crowd in their fast and melodic metal, but with only four tracks on their set, a broken snare on the third song and a false start on the last one, little could be done to keep par with the great lineup that followed.

The next band blew me away. California’s Exmortus played a mixture of thrash and death metal imbued with high-speed neoclassical melodies with an intensity that reminded me of a faster and updated version of the classic thrash metal bands from the Bay Area. Every member of the band banged their head non-stop during the whole show while they blasted rapid-fire riffs and solos. Their short set was focused on their last album Slave To The Sword, released on February 4th. The crushing performance ended with some guitar-acrobatics in which both axemen synchronized shredding on each other’s guitar for the crowd’s enjoyment. I’m totally sure this young, hungry band will produce quality metal music for years to come.

Finnish metal outfit Omnium Gatherum took the stage with the excitement of a band that is touring the States for the first time in its 18-year career. Promoting their last album Beyond, the sextet was beyond death metal, layering atmospheric walls of sound on top of epic melodies. Their slower pace sounded heavier than Exmortum’s breakneck riffs, but no less impressive. When charismatic frontman Jukka Pelkonen introduced the song “Ego” from New World Shadows, the pit went wild. Their 50 minute set left a satisfied audience, but not before one last message from the band: “we’ll come back”.

It was time for Dark Tranquillity and excitement built. One of the oldest and long lasting melodic death metal pioneers was there promoting their acclaimed last album Construct and reviewing 25 years of metal. The opener, “The Science Of Noise”, was pulled from Construct, as were “The Silence In Between”, “What Only You Know” and “State Of Trust”. But the band also offered us a collection of highlights from every album as far back as 1995’s The Gallery. It is amazing how solid this band has been through the years, from the vocals to the keyboards or guitar arrangements, every time they play an old song you are transported back in time to the date it was recorded and everything sounds as it did back then. “Final Resistance” sounded particularly fresh for a classic song. Even without a bass player on stage (a surprising decision they made early this year), they keep the same chemistry. Mikael Stanne shook  everybody’s hand and established a complicity with the audience from the first song. Guitarists Niklas Sundin and Martin Henriksson switched spots continuously as they offered the first row their best licks. With no security barrier between fans and the band, the show had a special intimacy, but I would like to mention that despite the size of the venue, Dark Tranquillity managed to place their background computer projections and give us the show they had in mind. Respect for their fans has been another constant in their career, and the fans returned the favor this Saturday. As the band was reaching the end of their 17-song set list, it was obvious that they were not expecting such a reaction from such a small venue. It was also obvious that the show was one fans won’t forget soon.

DarkTranquillity1 DarkTranquillity2 DarkTranquillity3 Exmortus1 Exmortus2 Exmortus3

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